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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 12, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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northern africa. a little dutch boy is said to be the sole survivor after a libyan jet crashes. plus this -- >> jennifer said good-bye to half her employes this week. 60 hard workers, some she considered family. >> boy, oyster workers along the gulf coast feel the burn. bp's massive oil leak cost them their jobs. also, an old friend returns. >> you look around at who's unemployed? you don't know. how many people are here are on their way to an interview rather than a job? you don't know. >> we meet up again with the out of work sign man. 18 months later he has a new look and finally, a new job. good morning, everyone. i'm tony harris. those stories and your comments right here, right now in the cnn "newsroom." president obama meeting with afghan president hamid karzai. the two war allies have been
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engaged, as you know in their own war of words. here are some of the flash points. march 28th, president obama visits afghanistan. he urges president karzai to crack down on pervasive corruption, ensure independent, monitored elections and reintegrate defecting taliban soldiers. april 1st, mr. karzai irritates the u.s. when he accuses the west and united nations of orchestrating fraud in last year's election and wanting a puppet government in afghanistan, april 3rd, several members of afghanistan's government said mr. karzai threatened to quit the political process and join the taliban if he continued to come under outside pressure to reform. a day later, the afghan president tells tribal leaders the u.s.-led military alliance would not move against taliban fighters in kandahar until you say we can. yesterday the afghan president visited wounded u.s. troops at
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walter reed medical center. they resolved the rift and managed to remain partners. >> there is no visual or visceral experience that demonstrates absolutely the commitment of our two countries as partners and allies. >> you have been personally a friend. the american people have been friends. we have had a journey together, at times, a bit difficult and quarrelsome, but a sturdy one and a strong one and it will continue so into the future. >> so against that backdrop of tension, you will hear both leaders live in about 15 minute from now right here in the cnn "newsroom." we are covering this story on two fronts. suzanne malveaux is on her way to the east room of the white house and from the afghan capital of kabul, cnn's atia
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kabali. how will president karzai explain away what leads us to question whether the u.s. had a partner in president karzai? >> reporter: tony, to be honest from my conversations with president karzai when i went down to him if kandahar, i don't think he will try to explain away his statements that he's made in the past. i think he's going to defend them. he's trying to show the west, he's trying to show america and particularly the obama administration that he is the president of afghanistan. heel be leading this country for the next five years, and he is their partner when it comes to the mission in afghanistan. he will try to explain, in fact, what really went on behind the scenes, behind his words. in fact the statement that he would actually join the taliban was something that was said apparently behind closed doors. no one can really confirm what he said. apparently it came from someone inside the palace, the presidential palace here, so for president karzai, his trip to
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washington is to show them that he is a firm and strong leader in afghanistan and for the obama administration to show that they do respect president karzai and that they're going to treat him with dignity and that they're going to accept the fact that he is their partner when it comes to the war in afghanistan. >> so you're suggesting we might see a defense of some of these more troubling statements, at least many observers here would call them troubling. we'll see how that plays out. >> we're not following this story as closely as you are. has president karzai done anything recently to address a widespread belief that he is weak on government corruption? >> president karzai made it clear when he took his oath of office that corruption will be one of his top priorities. he did create a tribunal to actually try corrupt officials including ministers and right now there is a trial going on here in afghanistan where two aides of the former minister of
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hajj and religious affairs, they're on trial for helping that former minister steal hundreds of thousands of dollars. in fact, that minister has now found sanctuary in britain, so that's not helping the afghan government very much that this man can find sanctuary in one of the coalition countries that is supposed to be helping afghanistan, but that being said, hundreds of thousands of dollars is just chump change in the billions that have gone missing in afghanistan and many of the afghans wondering and waiting, tony, to see when corruption will be fought and they're waiting for them to happen at the top, because no matter what district you go to, what street you turn on, you're slapped in the face with corruption everywhere you go, whether it be from police officials or even ministers within the afghan government. >> cnn's atia abawi in kabul, afghanistan. thank you. let's get to suzanne malveaux on her way to the east room of the white house. she's on the phone right now. a couple of questions for you.
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in the past we described them as soured relations between the president of afghanistan and the obama administration. are the soured relations on the mend? >> reporter: well, tony, they certainly are trying to and this is the point to the four-day visit for hamid karzai to come here to washington to try to press the reset button again. it has been frustration for the obama administration because they've used various combination of praise and criticism to get the afghan leader in achieving the ultimate goal which is essentially to get the afghan forces in charge of their own security and get those u.s. troops to withdraw by july 2011. it is unclear whether or not the obama administration will be able to keep that promise and we are just getting, just getting here inside the east room and we're settling into our seat. >> no worries. no worries. let me try one more quick one
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with you, and if you have to go, you have to go, and i totally get that. i expect that someone will ask the president a question, what did you think when you heard some of the statements made by president karzai, particularly president karzai telling tribal leaders that it would rpt take place against the taliban until you, the tribal leaders say it can move forward. does the president really believe he has a partner in hamid karzai? >> reporter: well, there are a couple of things that the obama administration officials believe in and we've kind of heard this. we heard it from secretary of state hillary clinton. i heard it from valerie jaret yesterday when i interviewed her and we've heard it from the president which is that they are trying to publicly acknowledge that hamid karzai has a lot of pressure from his own government and there's a real question about the legitimacy of his government since the troubled elections.
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what they're trying to do publicly is bolster his administration, give him a sense of legitimacy because without that he can't go back to his own country and convince his own people that he can provide services for them and that it's okay for the u.s. government, in truth, to lead that country and ultimately to get american troops out of there. he has got to be a leader who is strong and who has at least presented in a public way as credible and in charge of his own nation. >> yeah. >> so that's why you're hearing from president obama, secretary of state clinton and others and even secretary gates, this praise of hamid karzai, despite the fact that there's a lot of frustration and big questions about his motivation, his intentions and his abilities. >> i think you got it. i think that's the nailed on head. our white house correspondent suzanne malveaux in the east room of the white house awaiting the media availability with president obama and afghan president hamid karzai and our
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thanks again to atia abawi in kabul, afghanistan. a child survives a jumbo jet crash. certainly one of the big stories we're following today. european and libyan officials say this little dutch boy is the only person to make it out of today's plane crash in northern africa some 100 people were killed when the airbus went down on an approach to tripoli airport. the trip arriving from johannesburg carrying passengers from the netherlands. the state-run carrier flies to several european cities. elena kagan is lobbying for confirmation to a seat on the u.s. supreme court. a meet and greet, if you will. the senate leadership and top members of the sdwrudishry committee and the first meeting happened in the last hour with senate majority leader harry reid. >> your moving to this position across the street is so meaningful to everybody. everybody, no matter where they are in america, whether it's nevada or new york, whether it's a democrat, republican or
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independent, the great country that we're in is ruled by law, and that's what you're going to make sure continues. >> okay. british prime minister david cameron welcomed coalition partner nick clegg to number 10 downing street today. he made the liberal democratic party leader his deputy program. he named most of the cabinet. the democrats took a good share of the seats and were designed to submit the alliance. >> it will be an administration united behind three key principles, freedom, fairness and responsibility. and it will be an administration united behind one key purpose, and that is to give our country the strong and stable and determined leadership that we need for the long term. >> okay. this just in to cnn.
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we're working to get more information on this story, but here's what we know so far. more details about a man detained in egypt on tuesday for having firearms in his checked baggage. a government -- a federal government official speaking on background is telling us the following was found in the man's checked baggage. we're talking about two handguns, five box of ammo, four knives and two empty magazine clips and we're also learning the tsa is telling us that it checked the baggage for explosives. so we're not quite sure, although this may have made it through the screening. we will continue to follow developments on this story and bring you the latef as we get it. you may have to shell out more money for oysters if -- if you can find them. >> ever wonder what a four-month supply of oyster shells looks like? take a look at this. it's huge. tons of shells, but unfortunately, production has now come to a screeching halt.
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>> an oyster processing plant operating at half-staff. how the seafood industry is suffering because of the gulf coast oil leak. and the markets have been open, what? about an hour and a half and almost two hours into the trading day. let's get the latest on the dow. as you can see, we're trading in negative territory, down 100. oh, we're positive. just move the camera so i can see whether we're negative or positive. triple-digit gains here. 103 points. we're following these numbers in the cnn "newsroom." it's a sale. nothing beats a sale! wrong move! you. you can save up to half off that sale when you name your own price on priceline. but this one's a me. it's only pretending to be a deal. here, bid $79. got it. wow! you win this time good twin! there's no disguising the real deal.
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more tough questions pt massive oil slick in the gulf of mexico. executives from the three companies involved in the drilling operation face another day of hearings, this time before a house committee in senate hearings yesterday the executives pointed fingers at one another. they disagreed over who discussed safety issues. the federal agency that regulates off-shore drilling. >> transocean, as owner and operator of the deep water horizon drilling rig had the safety for drilling operations. >> if there was a discussion between somebody and the mms about whether or not it was appropriate to proceed in a particular fashion, that conversation would have taken
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place between bp and the mms. >> if a discussion took place it would be with the leaseholder and the mms. >> how frustrating is that? >> so a plant that provides restaurants with oysters on the half shell is operating at half-staff because of the oil leak in the gulf. the layoffs may be just a sign of things to come for the seafood industry along the gulf coast. the story now from cnn's reynolds wolf. >> this is our cooler and this is everything we've got. >> on a normal day, how full would this room be? >> it would be full. >> so would the shucking line. these processing stations and this machine would be flash freezing thousands of oysters each day. >> on your average day you have about 120 people in here shoulder to shoulder all working like crazy, like mad. i'm sure as loud as can be, isn't it? >> it is very loud, you can't even hear yourself think. >> and now, silence.
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very much ally all of the gulf fishing grounds are closed for business. 60 hard workers, some she considered family. >> that's got to be tough. >> you just kind of explain to them what's been happening as best as you can. >> reporter: all the more frustrating. this year's catch was one of their best since katrina. crystal seas oysters was sailing smoothly through the recession and now just snapshots of better days. >> reporter: ever wonder what a four-month supply of oyster shells looks like? take a look at this. it's huge. tons of shells, but unfortunately product has now come to a screeching halt. and some of the last off the line went to the half shell oyster house in gulfport. >> they love them. >> that's what we eat. that's what tourist comes here to eat. my restaurant, 75% of the men su seafood. >> just sit right there and gbl up the oysters as fast as i can shuck them. >> reporter: there's no shortage of frustration for those responsible. >> it appears that they could
11:17 am
also regulate themselves a little better from ruining a whole coastline because they'll probably walk away from it in much better shape than we all will. >> that same sense of desperation is shared by many of the fishermen in the harbor whose boats are tied up, but still probably going on later today to put out protective boom hoping to stop the oil and hoping that life here on the coast will get back to normal. reynolds wolf, pass christian, mississippi. today folks across the plains could be hearing a lot more of this. >> yeah, the sirens, right? as i-reporter told us there are bull's-eyes on everybody's roofs right here. back in a moment. >> everybody's cool. build a car you're proud of. ♪
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let me get you a quick update on what we're learning here. more details about a man detained in onlying oipt tuesday for having firearms in his checked baggage. this information coming from a federal govern chlt official speaking on background, telling us the following was found in the man's checked luggage, i should say checked bags. kind of a big difference in what you view as luggage and bags. we're talking about two handguns, five boxes of ammo, four knives, two empty magazine clips. meanwhile, the tsa says it checks -- checked bags for explosives, but that properly packaged guns and knives are not
11:20 am
an aviation threat because they are not accessible to passengers. we will continue to update this story. now back to jacqui jeras. i understand, young lady, that you have video of what an tornado has the impact to do. >> there's controversy whether or not you should stay in your vehicle. they used to say, yes, get out and run for safer shelter if you can and now you're kind of saying maybe it's safer in your car now that there are air bags and we'll let you decide. take a look at this voidio. this video now in to cnn showing you a van which got caught in the tornado in the winds and you'll see it flip and roll. there you can see it highlighted. the driver was in there the whole time. he made it out safely, believe it or not. let's listen to what he had to say. do we have the sound?
11:21 am
>> of course, we do. >> when i was fixing to exit off it just kind of started spinning my vehicle. i know i flipped once or whatever and then after that i just closed my eyes. >> yeah. >> that's what you do. >> i know, right? you just hung on and hope for the best. >> what are your options? >> it's amazing he made it out without a scratch. incredible pictures and i don't know what i would do. i'm want sure if i would stay in or try to get out, but you don't want to try to outrun these things f you go at a right angle if you're not a meteorologist that you might have a better option that way. we could see more severe weather today. at this hour we're looking at heavy rain. this has been the biggest issue all morning and this complex of thunderstorms has been holding since overnight. so it's been bringing thunderstorms around the area and bridging flash flooding and nasty right now around since natty and look at all of the lightning associated with this
11:22 am
as well. this is going to be moving into the virginias and making its way across the mid atlantic states like washington, d.c., you guys could be seeing thunderstorms later on this afternoon. the red boxes that you see here, this is where we have the flash flood warning. so you guys have seen between one and three inches of rainfall already and there's been a lot of ponding on roadways. so use a let of caution if you're trying to do some travel. some due to low clouds and fog. almost two hours now in philadelphia. about an hour in chicago, atlanta, chicago 30, as well and buffalo, new york. our storm system is likely going to fire up some severe weather this afternoon and this evening again and we'll be watching that dry line in texas and oklahoma and along the warm front here through missouri and into the ohio valley. on the back side, crazy cold conditions, tony. we're talking about 25 to 30 degrees below average. >> look at that. >> hello. snow. that's just along denver,
11:23 am
colorado. a little late in the game to be getting snow and know unheard of and maybe denver gets an inch for the month of may. >> if if i'm the guy in the truck i would pay attention ahead of time to what people are you are saying and them get to wherever it is safe and i'll hunker down and call it a day. >> basement's good. >> thank you, jacqui. 100 people lost their lives today when a libyan airbus jet crashed when landing in tripoli. this 8-year-old dutch boy is said to be the only survivor. we'll see his picture here in just a moment. okay. there he is. britain's new leader david cameron has named his coalition partner, nick clegg as deputy prime minister. cameron appointed most of his cabinet today. clegg's liberal democrats got a good portion of the seat. in miami beach, protestors called on florida to keep a ban on off-shore oil drilling in place. some business leaders are
11:24 am
floating proposals to relax the ban. >> we are hooked on oil. we are oil junkies and we need to stop our dependency on oil. >> okay. governor charlie crist says the florida constitution should be amended to prohibit live publtures, do you have them from the on sxoo hamid karzai expected to appear any minute now and we'll bring you their comments live right here in the cnn "newsroom." ♪ hey bets, can i borrow a quarter?
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to st. cloud, minnesota.
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all right. we want to dig a little deep or this story that we're beginning to get more details about. the story of a man detained in egypt on tuesday for having firearms in his checked bags. my understanding is he was attending to board a flight in egypt for jfk in new york, but let me check that information with tom fuentes, cnn contributor and former fbi assistant director. tom, what are you learning? i know you've made some calls here. help us put more of this information together. >> hi, tony. i have the information the other
11:28 am
way around, from jfk to cairo, egypt. >> thanks for that. what else are you learning in your outreach for information on this? >> well, right now the onlyiegys are working with the fbi to try to find out the background of this individual and what he might have been up to bringing firearms like that to the country. the normal procedure would be that you're allowed to transport within the united states luggage or firearms, i should say, within your checked luggage because it's deemed safe, that if it's in your luggage and not an explosive device and properly packaged in your luggage, it does not pose a threat to the flight and the passenger cannot access that luggage during the flight, but in this case, going to a foreign country, the passenger would have to again, declare it at the time of checking in at the flight and then you would have to know what the rules are in the host country as far as bringing firearms into that country. >> got you. >> so in this case, my
11:29 am
understanding is it was a routine customs screening once he landed and they discovered the box and discovered the contents of the box after this. >> so a lot of questions are still remaining here and it sounds like at least some of the systems worked here. we're talking about these kinds of items found in the man's checked bag. two hand guns, five boxes of ammo, four knives and two empty magazine clips. without getting into the land of speculation too much here, does that say anything to you? >> no. it's not a huge amount of weaponry. he's not bringing shoulder weapons or automatic weapons. you know, so it's not beyond the realm that he was some type of sportsman or he'll do something along those lines. there's no guarantee of that, but it seems kind of dumb on his part to have it like that.
11:30 am
>> let's leave it there for now. if you know anything else, get back to us. tom, thank you. live pictures now from the east room of the white house, president obama and president karzai expected to have a news conference live here in the cnn "newsroom."
11:31 am
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11:33 am
live pictures now of the east room of the white house. any minute now the president of the united states and afghan president hamid karzai making themselves available for questions from the media. when the two men appear we will take their comments live. that's scheduled to happen any minute now. health care reform could cost more than previously thought. pushing it past the trillion dollar mark. josh leffs is here. is this a rogue political agenda? >> it's where everyone goes by with the congressional budget office. >> everyone cites cbo figures
11:34 am
and because they're the record keeper. i told you we'll follow the money and let you know anything that change bez how much it will cost. let me tell you what's happened in the last 24 hours and we'll pull out immediately if the president starts to talk. the cbo, it looked at discretionary spending and how much would be in discretionary spending from health care. discretionary spending is the stuff that's not mandated and congress has to reauthorize every year. it would increase discretionary spending by about $55 billion. look what happened yesterday. now the same agency is saying and the health care reform package will increase the discretionary spending by $115 billion, that puts the total expense, tony at basically the trillion dollar mark for how much it will be. >> let me show you where they're getting this from, they have to figure out what discretionary spending will be. one is important costs and this is important to understand. you're talking about a huge program to enact and you have
11:35 am
federal agencies involved in doing that. you'll have hhs and you'll also have the irs involved and they have to deal with eligibility to get those credits and they have to figure out who really is eligible for certain credits and another set of discretionary spending comes from this, grants and other programs and these are not grants that are mandated every year. congress will have to analyze it, and when they take it, well there's lots more information, and they're saying there will be a $15 billion increase which makes the package there about $1 trillion. >> you wonder if all of this information had been known at the time and i'm just curious as to these new numbers and their impact on the deficit. >> right. because that's one of the things people talk. all of those numbers is over ten years, when you were hearing numbers thrown around it was
11:36 am
always what the cost would be over ten years. let me tell you something interesting. it might not increase the deficit. they said at the time it would decrease the deficit by $143 million. discretionary spending is supposed to be covered by pay as you go rules so we don't know whether this increase in discretionary spending will mean that the deficit will ultimately go up. >> thank you, sir. the east room of the white house, president president karzai. we'll try to squeeze in a quick break before the two leaders make their presence known there at the east room. let's do that and we're back in a moment in the cnn "newsroom" ♪ ♪
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okay. laura bush's memoir "spoken from the heart" is the fourth best selling book on today. the former first lady describes her most frightening night in the white house, the night of september 11th, 2001. she spoke to cnn's larry king. >> we both knew -- and he had said, you know, we're going to sleep up upstairs in the bedroom, but if you need to, come get us. so that night i could hear somebody after we went to sleep, i woke up and i heard a man
11:40 am
screaming as he ran, mr. president, mr. president, you've got to get up. the white house is under attack. we jumped up again and i grabbed my robe and stuck my feet in my slippers, but i didn't stop to grab my contacts. george grabbed barney and i grabbed kitty. we started walking down to the piok. george had wanted to take the elevator, but the agents didn't think it was send so we had to descend fight after flight of stairs to the state floor, and then the ground floor and below. while i held george's hand because i couldn't see anything. my heart was pounding and all i can do was count stairwell landings trying to kaunt off in my mind how many more floors we had to go. when we reached the piok i saw the outline of a military sajent unfolding the ancient hideaway bed and putting on some sheets. at that moment, another agent ran up to us and said mr. president, it's one of ours. it's one of our own.
11:41 am
>> wow! okay, live pictures now from the east room of the white house and the president and hamid karzai have wrapped up a meeting. the oval office, we believe both leaders are walking into the east room now. let's take you to comments from the president. >> please be seated. >> i am very pleased to welcome president karzai back to the white house, and i also want to welcome the president's delegation including ministers from across his government whose presence speaks to the broad and deepening strategic partnership between the united states and afghanistan. this visit is an opportunity to return the hospitality that president karzai showed me during my recent visit to afghanistan and that included a wonderful afghan dinner that the president shared with us and where we were joined by members of his delegation. mr. president, thank you and welcome to the united states.
11:42 am
more importantly, this visit is an opportunity for us to assess the progress of our shared strategy in afghanistan and to advance the strong partnership between our country, once that's based on mutual interest and mutual respect. i have re-affirmed the commitment of the united states to an afghanistan that is stable, strong and prosperous. afghans are a proud people who have suffered and sacrificed greatly because of their determination to shape their own destiny. there is no denying the progress that the afghan people have made in recent years, in education, in health care and economic development. as i saw in the lights across kabul when i landed, lights that would not have been visible just a few years earlier. nor, however, can we deny the serious challenges still facing afghanistan. after 30 years of war, afghanistan still faces daily challenges in delivering basic services and security to its
11:43 am
people while confronting a brutal insurgency. whether afghanistan succeeds in this effort will have consequences for the united states and consequences for the entire world. as we've seen in recent plots here in the united states, al qaeda and its extremist allies continue to plot in the border regions between afghanistan and pakistan and a growing taliban insurgency could mean an even larger safe haven for al qaeda and its affiliates. so today we are re-affirming our shared goal, to disrupt, dismantle and defeat al qaeda and its extremist allies in afghanistan and pakistan and to prevent its capacity to threaten america and our allies in the future, and we are reviewing the progress of our shared strategy and objectives. our military effort to reverse the taliban's momentum and to strengthen afghanistan's capacity to provide for their
11:44 am
own security, a civilian effort to promote good governance and development, and regional cooperation including with pakistan, because our strategy has to succeed on both sides of the border. just over half of the additional military forces that i ordered to afghanistan in december have now arrived with the remainder due by this summer. as part of our 46-nation coalition, allies and partners have increased their commitments as well. we're partnering with afghan and coalition forces and we've begun to reverse the momentum of the insurgenc insurgency. we've taken them out of the province and and are working to give afghans the opportunity to reclaim their communities. we've taken extraordinary measures to avoid civilian casualties and i reiterated in my meeting with president karzai
11:45 am
that the united states will continue to work with our afghan and international partners to do everything in our power to avoid actions that harm the afghan people. after all, it's the afghan people we are working to protect from the taliban which is responsible for the vast majority of innocent civilian deaths. meanwhile, the training and development of afghan security forces continues so that they can be ginn to take the lead in security next year. toward this end, we are working with the afghan government and our allies on a broader framework to guide the transition of security, development and afghan provinces. i've affirmed that they are transferring responsibility of detention facilities to the afghan government. to support the second part of the strategy, the civilian effort. more american diplomats and experts are now on the ground and are partnering with their afghan counterparts. in his inaugural address and at the london conference, president
11:46 am
karzai committed to making good governance a top priority and i want to acknowledge the progress that has been made including strengthening anti-corruption efforts and improving governance at provincial and district levels and progress toward credible, parliamentary elections later this year. of course, president karzai and i acknowledge that much more work needs to be done. i also welcome president karzai's commitment to take additional step to improve the lives of afghan people in concrete ways especially with regard to the rule of law, agricultural product, economic growth and the delivery of basic services. i pledged america's continued support for these efforts and i've asked secretary clinton to lead an american delegation to this summer's kabul conference where the afghan government will be presenting concrete plans to implement the president's commitments. on the related subject of afghan-led peace and reconciliation efforts. i appreciate the president
11:47 am
sharing his plans for the upcoming consul tative peace, an important milestone that america supports. the united states support the effort of the afghan government to open the door to taliban who cut their ties to al qaeda, abandon violence and accept the afghan constitution including respect for human rights, and i look forward to a continued dialogue with our afghan partners on these efforts. in support of the final part of our strategy, a regional approach. we discussed the importance of afghanistan's neighbors supporting afghan sovereignty and security. i was pleased to host president karzai and president of pakistan here together here at the white house a year ago and our trilateral cooperation will continue. pakistan's major offensive against extremist sanctuaries and the blows against the leaders offal cade and and its affiliate advance the securities
11:48 am
of pakistanis, afghans and americans alike. finally, as we pursue our shared strategy to defeat al qaeda, i am pleased that our two countries are working to broaden our strategic partnership over the long term. even as we begin to transition, security responsibility to afghans over the next year, we will sustain a robust commitment in afghanistan going forward, and the presence here today of so many leaders from both our governments underscores how we can partner across a full range of areas, including, development, agriculture, rule of law and women's rights. together, we can unleash afghanistan's vast potential. for example, i was pleased to welcome several remarkable afghan women to our entrepreneurial leadership summit in washington and i look forward to having a new partnership with the countries later this year and to deepen the lasting friendship between
11:49 am
our people. as i've said on numerous occasions there are many difficult days ahead in afghanistan. we face a determined and ruthless enemy, but we go forward with confidence because we have something that our adversaries do not. we have a commitment to seek a future of justice and peace and opportunity for the afghan people, and we have the courage and resolve of men and women from afghanistan and our international coalition who are determined to help afghans realize that future, and as i did at bagram during my visit, i especially want to acknowledge the extraordinary sacrifices being made by american troops and civilians in afghanistan every single day. our solidarity today sends an unmistakable message to those who would stand in the way of afghanistan's progress. they may threaten and murder innocent people, but we will work to protect the afghan people. they will try to destroy, but we will continue to help build
11:50 am
afghan capacity, and allow afghans to take responsibility for their country. they will try to drive us apart but we will partner with the afghan people toward the long term, for a future of greater security, prosperity, justice and progress. and i am absolutely convinced we will succeed. that is the work that we have advanced today, and i again want to thank our partners, president karzai and his delegation, for the progress we have made and continue to make in the months and years ahead. president karzai. >> thank you. thank you, mr. president. i'm very grateful, mr. president, for the kind hospitality that you and your team offered during our -- this visit to the united states. as always, you have been gracious and kind and very hospitable if we begun our visit
11:51 am
the day before yesterday with an informal dinner with secretary clinton and secretary gates. and we yesterday had secretary clinton, extremely fruitful meeting of the groups of afghan ministries and their counterparts outlining the progress we have made in the past several years and our aspirations for the future and our common objectives towards the future as we travel along. mr. president, i yesterday had the honor of visiting walter reed hospital where i visited with the wounded who were returned from afghanistan and from iraq. it was a very difficult moment for me, mr. president, to meet with a young man, very, very young man who had lost two arms
11:52 am
and legs. it was heart rendering and there were other wounded, too, just like i had seen in afghanistan. this shows the commitment that the united states has to bringing security to afghanistan and by the united states and the rest of the world and the difficult task we have ahead of us in securing our future generations a better and more secure life. mr. president, i thank you again for the excellent meeting this morning in which president obama and i discussed the entire structure of afghan-american relationship, the issues that we have together inside afghanistan, the progress that we have made together, the campaign that is going on against terrorism, the successes
11:53 am
of the past years which are numerous and great, for which i again express gratitude on behalf of the afghan people to the american people, and to you, mr. president. and i also thanked president obama for adding considerable resources to the success in afghanistan on becoming the president of the united states for which, mr. president, i convey the gratitude of the afghan people and i can reassure you that we will work with dedication and extreme care to have those resources spent well and in place for a better future for the afghan people. we also discussed, during your meeting this morning, the afghan-american strategic partnership and the relations towards the future beyond the successes that we will certainly gain against terrorism, the
11:54 am
issues related to the region and afghanistan. afghanistan's difficulties and concerns with regard to capacity, institution building, the build-up of the afghan security forces, the afghan economy, the issues of agricultural and energy and all those issues of developmental importance to afghanistan for which the united states is putting in considerable resources. we also discussed the peace process and the upcoming piece in kabul, for which, mr. president, i thank you for your support and your advice. we also discussed the upcoming parliamentary elections in afghanistan and the conference. we discussed in quite detail and in a very frank and productive manner the issues of protection
11:55 am
of civilians and judicial -- with respect to the judicial independence of afghanistan. i found it very happy for me to convey back to the afghan people that i found a very supportive voice from president obama on these accounts, and i'm very glad to report to you that we will be setting up a team of our senior advisers to work out the exact time lines of the transfer of detention centers to the afghan government, which i consider to be a major point of progress in our conversations. mr. president, i once again would like to convey to you and to the people of the united states our deep, heart-felt gratitude to the help that america has provided.
11:56 am
afric afghanistan, once again, is on the world map and significant important way, our flag is flying all around the world. we are present on all of the important occasions. we once again have a voice as the people of afghanistan and this would have not been possible without the sacrifices and the resources that the united states and our other allies have put in. afghanistan is grateful. africa will de afghanistan will, with your help, succeed in the future. there are, of course, issues that are a concern to all of us, but we have shortcomings in afghanistan. afghanistan is still a very, very poor country. the work that we have done promises a better future for all of us and afghanistan will assure you, mr. president, that it will take the right steps in bringing a better government to afghanistan for the benefit of the afghan people and in partnership with the united states of america.
11:57 am
i thank you once again, mr. president, of the tremendous hospitality. >> thank you. thank you. we've got time for two questions from the u.s. press, two questions from the afghan press. and so i will start with mark noler of cbs radio. where is mark? good to see you, mark. >> gentlemen, it sounds from your statements as though you've been able to put aside the tensions and frictions that were in evidence a month or so ago. can you tell us if you discussed those concerns that were raised at that time? and have you figured out how the relationship may have come off the tracks? and mr. president, may i also ask you about your talk with the new prime minister of the united kingdom yesterday. are you worried in anyway that the uk's support in afghanistan might wane?
11:58 am
>> i will take the second question first. i had a conversation with david cameron yesterday. he's somebody who i had had the occasion of meeting when i traveled to england previously. i find him to be a smart, dedicated, effective leader and somebody who we are going to be able to work with very effectively. he reaffirmed, without me bringing it up, his commitment to our strategy in afghanistan. and i am confident that the new government is going to recognize that it is in the interest of all the coalition partners to help president karzai succeed and to build a more prosperous and secure and stable afghanistan, which, in turn, will help assure our long-term security. and by the way, when i had the
11:59 am
conversation with prime minister cameron we also both reaffirmed the extraordinary special relationship between the united states and great britain. one that outlasts any individual party, any individual leader. it is built up over centuries. and it's not going to go away. with respect to perceived tensions between the u.s. government and the afghan government, let me begin by saying a lot of them were simply overstated. when i came into office i made it absolutely clear that i intended to resource an effective strategy in afghanistan and work with the afghan government so that we have a strong, stable, prosperous afghanistan. and i've used whatever political
12:00 pm
capital i have to make the case to the american people, that this is in our national security interests, that it's absolutely critical that we succeed on this mission. president karzai agrees that we have to deal with the extremists that are disrupting life in afghanistan and are strategic approach has been entirely consistent. now, obviously there are going to be tensions in such a complicated difficult environment and -- in a situation in which, on the ground, both afghans and americans are making enormous sacrifices. we've had very frank discussions, and president karzai agrees with me that we can't win through a military strategy alone, that we're going
12:01 pm
to have to make sure that we have effective governance, capacity building, economic development in order for us to succeed. and, you know, i think that what we discussed this morning is a recognition on both sides that this transformation is not going to happen overnight. that a country that's come out of 30 years of war and dire poverty is not going to suddenly change across the board. our job is to be a good friend and to be frank with president karzai in saying here's where we think we've got to put more effort. president karzai's job is to represent his country and insist that its sovereignty is properly respected even as he goes about
12:02 pm
the hard task of bringing about these changes in both his government and his economy. and so i am very comfortable with the strong efforts that president karzai has made thus far, and i think that we both agree that we're going to have to make more efforts in the future. and there are going to be setbacks. there are going to be times where our governments disagree on a particular tactic. but what i'm very confident is that we share a broad strategy, one that i hope we can memorialize in a declaration by the end of this year. >> sir, the relationship between afghanistan and the united states is now into its tenth year, in the form that it has since september 11, 2001. it's not an imaginary
12:03 pm
relationship. it's a real relationship. it's based on some very hard and difficult realities. we are in a campaign against terrorism together. there are days that we are happy. there are days that we are not happy. it's mutual relationship towards a commowhich we have h ds in the fu w have difnce of opinion. but the relationship between the two gnm two nations is sg and well has endu ten years of extreme activity, on both so i believe what you saw in the past f months is a of a deep and strong relationsh. and in that relationshipas
12:04 pm
president obama right described, there are speak fran otdhean that frankness wil only add to the strength of the relaonship and contri to the success that we have. the bottom le is that we are much more strongly related to eachother today thanwes is a god message th i wil te backo the afghan people the day aft tomorrow. you will get a chance. >> thank you vy much. firsf, i thank you, very muchmr. president to give us a chance. give a future to a as long as i memyself. my name
12:05 pm
today i'm not talking about as a journalist, as a woman in afghanistan, as long as i remembered regarding afghanistan's situation, the only reason that afghanistan is not stabilized, pakistan you mentioned president obama about pakistan. pakistan has two faces regarding afghanistan. that's why all the time we have problem. pakistan government is not really, really honest regard afghanistan. i need your answer, what is the new policy of united states to solve this problem? and next question for president karzai, i want to ask my question and then i want to answer it, too.
12:06 pm
[ speaking foreign language ] thank you. >> okay. i know you're going to translate that for us. he's very good at that. >> civilian, yes. president karzai and i have, in the past, met with pakistan's president, as well as their intelligence officers, their military, their teams, and emphasized to pakistan the fact that our security is intertwined. i think there has been in the past a view on the part of pakistan that their primary rival, india, was their only concern. i think what you have seen over
12:07 pm
the last several months is a growing recognition that they have a cancer in their midst that the extremist organizations that have been allowed to congregate and use as a base, the frontier areas to them going to afghanistan, that that now threatens pakistan's sovereignty. our goal is to break down some of the old suspicions and the old bad habits and continue to work with the pakistani government to see their interests in a stable afghanistan which is free from foreign meddling and that afghanistan, pakistan, the united states, the international community should all be working to reduce the influence of extremists in those regions.
12:08 pm
i am actually encouraged from what i have seen from the pakistani government over the last several months. but just as it's going to take some time for afghanistan's economy, for example, to fully recover from 30 years of war, it's going to take some time from pakistan, even if there is a will, to find a way in order to effectively deal with these extremists in areas that are fairly loosely governed from islamabad. you know, part of what i've been encouraged by is pakistan's willingness to start asserting more control over some of these areas. but it's not going to happen overnight. they have been taking enormous casualties, the pakistani military has been going in fairly aggressively. but this will be an on going
12:09 pm
project. and president karzai and i both discussed the fact that the only way ultimate ly that pakistan i secure is if afghanistan is secure. and the only way that afghanistan is secure is if the sovereignty, the territorial integrity, the afghan constitution, the afghan people are respected by their neighbors. we think that that message is starting to get through, but it's one that we have to continue to promote. >> ma'am, we did discuss civilian casualties, the protection of civilians . i must report to you, ma'am, that since that arrive valoarra has been considerable progress
12:10 pm
achieved in this regard. there is very open and frank attitude about that now. the president express ed fundamentally human terms his concern about civilian casualties, not only as a political issue but as human issue that president obama remarked about, to which i have my respect to the president on this issue. we not only discussed the ways and means of how to reduce civilian casualties, rather not have them at all, nitrates were discussed and detentions were discussed, i made a remark in my
12:11 pm
opening remarks, and you will see the agreements between us on this reflected in the joint communique that i hope is coming up or is already issued. >> mr. president, suzanne malveaux. >> thank you, mr. president. for the thousands of u.s. troops and billions of dollars and aid that still pour into afghanistan, can you talk to the american people and give us a sense of where we stand, how close we are to winning this war in afghanistan and whether or not you'll be able to meet your goal of pulling out the majority of u.s. troops by july of 2011. and to president karzai, is there anything that you can do, your government, or your people, to maintain that deadline, that end game of july 2011. and have you found your meetings with iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad to be helpful or
12:12 pm
hurtful in your relationship with the obama administration? thank you. >> well, suzanne, first of all, let's be clear about what july 2011 represents. why have said is is that having put in more troops over the last several months in order to break the momentum of the taliban, but beginning in 2011, july, we will start bringing those troops down and turning over more and more responsibility to afghan security forces that we are building up. but we are not suddenly, as of july 2011, finished with afghanistan. in fact, to the contrary, part of what i tried to emphasize to president karzai and the afghan people but also to the american people is that this is a long-term partnership. it is not simply defined by our military presence. i am confident that we're going
12:13 pm
to be able to reduce our troop strength in afghanistan starting in july 2011, and i am in constant discussions with general mcchrystal as well as ambassador eikenberry about the execution of that time frame. but after july 2011, we are still going to have an interest in making sure that afghanistan is secure, that economic development is taking place, that good governance is being promoted. and so we're going to still be putting in resources and we're still going to be a friend to the afghan people in their efforts to stabilize. so that's something i want to make absolutely clear. now to the american people, i think what they should know is is that we are steadily making progress. it's not overnight, it's not going to be instant.
12:14 pm
but the sacrifices of those young people that president karzai visited at watlter reed, those sacrifices result over time and more and more of afghanistan being under the control of afghan government and our friend and ally president karzai and less and less under the control of the taliban. as i indicated in my opening remarks, this is not just going to be a military solution, and so through the peace that president karzai is organizing and the kabul conference which sends a strong message about the afghan's commitment to rule of law and governance and human rights and women's rights, through all those mechanisms, more and more of the afghan people start feeling confident in the afghan government. and as their confidence in the
12:15 pm
afghan government grows, their fear of the taliban weakens. and we are confident that that approach that has a strong military component to it, that is mindful of the enormous sacrifices that our troops and their families are making, that component is critical, but these other components are going to be critical as well. and if we marry those two approaches, then we are optimistic about success. but there are going to be ups and downs. and one thing that i've tried to emphasize is the fact that there's going to be some hard fighting over the next several months. the fact that we are engaging. look at a place limarjah, the taliban controlled that area. and when you move in and you say you're not controlling this area anymore, they're going to fight back. and they're tough and they're
12:16 pm
going to fight. but what you're seeing not only have we succeeded in driving the taliban out of marjah but it also is a model of the partnership between u.s. forces and afghan forces. and so you're starting to see afghan government forces battle-ready, toughened, getting more experience. that, then, helps us to execute a transition so that more and more afghan forces are able to take the lead. but it -- but this is going to be -- this is going to be taking some time. one last point i want to make, because president karzai referred to the issue of civilian casualties, the afghan journalist asked about it. let me be very clear about what i told president karzai. when there is a civilian casualty, that is not just a political problem for me. i am ultimately accountable,
12:17 pm
just as general mcchrystal is accountable, for somebody who is not on the battlefield who got killed. and that is something that i have to carry with me and that anybody who is involved in the military operation has to carry with them. and so we do not take that lightly. we have an interest in reducing civilian casualties not because it's a problem for president karzai. we have an interest in reducing civilian casualties because i don't want civilians killed. and we are going to do everything we can to prevent that. now, war is tough and difficult, and mistakes are going to be made. and our troops put themselves at risk oftentimes in order to reduce civilian casualties. they will take a chance often in a field of battle where they're trying to deal with uncertain information and they're not sure whether that's an attack coming
12:18 pm
or not or which house these shots are being fired from. and because of general mcchrystal's direction, oftentimes they're holding fire, they're hesitating, they're being cautious about how they operate even though it would be safer for them to go ahead and just take these locations out, because part of what the american military stands for is that we distinguish between civilians and combatants. something, by the way, that our enemies do not do. and that puts us more at risk and it makes it more difficult. but that's a burden that we're willing to bear. but i want everybody to be clear, especially the afghan people, i take no pleasure in hearing a report that a civilian has been killed. that's not why i ran for president. it's not why i'm commander in chief. it's not why our young men and women sign up. that's not why they sacrifice in
12:19 pm
the ways that president karzai saw they sacrificed when they're in walter reed. and we are going to work together as well as we can to make sure that no civilian casualties are reduced even as we try to accomplish a mission and even as we are reminding ourselves constantly that the overwhelming majority of civilian casualties in afghanistan are as a consequence of terrorist acts by the taliban. president karzai? >> ma'am, on the -- july 2011, afghanistan's army and police are progressing steadily towards strengthening and towards institutionalizing.
12:20 pm
we plan to be conducting, providing security for our country in major parts of the country where we have the ability within the next two years. and by the time my term of office completes in four years, 4 1/2 years from today, afghanistan is working hard to provide security for the whole of the country through the afghan means and afghan security institutions. on the overall picture, president obama spoke for both of us on the issue of july 2011. on the question of iran and my meeting with president ahmadinejad in tehran and his
12:21 pm
visit to kabul, afghanistan's position there is very clear, from the very fist drst day. and we have been clear with our brothers and counter parts in iran with that as well as our other neighbors. afghanistan is a partner and a friend with the united states. the united states is our greatest contributor to stability and reconstruction, as the provider of nearly 80% of the support that afghanistan receives. and afghanistan's desire to engage in a strong, steady, long-term relationship with america is one that we have expressed clearly and publicly and repeatedly. we have also spoken with our american counterparts from the very begin that iran is our
12:22 pm
neighbor and a brother and we want to have the best of relations with them. they have had contributions to afghanistan in reconstruction. we wish that afghanistan remains friendly to both. it is not a place where we are seen as a playground by our neighbors in any way. so the united states has been very clear and supportive and understanding of afghan position and this has been reflected in the discussions between us and in the declaration, the joint communique, there was a reference to afghanistan having friendly relations with its neighbors and iran is one of our neighbors. but we are distinct and clear on our relation with america and
12:23 pm
with iran as well, we wish both countries the best. and if there is anything we can do to make things better, call us. ma'am? >> afghanistan service. i will ask president karzai a question and then president obama. >> american, afghanistan service? >> yes. >> good. >> thank you. one of your purposes of your trip here to gain at the support of u.s. government for reconciliation and integration of taliban in afghanistan, when you first initiated these strategy or plan, you were interested in talks with lower to middle level of taliban but you have increasingly shown interest in to bringing taliban leaders into the negotiations. while taliban made it very clear that the only way for them to talk to the afghan government is
12:24 pm
a complete withdrawal of foreign troops from afghanistan and the creation of a government in that country. are you sure that this is strategy, after all the support that you will gain from international community will be a successful one and will not be yet another failed strategy in afghanistan? and my question for president obama would be that, secretary clinton yesterday mentioned in a gathering that u.s. support this initiative only if the taliban put their weapons down, respect the afghan constitution, and cut all ties with al qaeda. and we all know that taliban al qaeda are pretty much fighting for the ideology, not pearl gains and it's very hard to differentiate between the two in pakistan and afghanistan since they are fighting as a united force in those countries. do you think it's a doable strategy for afghanistan? thank you. >> ma'am, ma'am, exactly the last part of your question is my
12:25 pm
answer. afghanistan is seeking peace because through military means alone we are not going to get our objectives of bringing stability and peace to afghanistan and the defeat of terrorism. now, there are thousands of the taliban who are not ideologically oriented, who are not part of al qaeda. all terrorist networks all controlled from outside in any manner troublesome to us. there are thousands of them who are country voice, who have been driven by intimidation or fear caused by at times misconduct by us or circumstances beyond their control or our control. it is these thousands of taliban who are not against afghanistan
12:26 pm
or against the afghan people or their country who are not against america either, or the rest of the world, and who want to come back to afghanistan if given an opportunity and provided the political means. it is this group of the taliban that you are addressing, it is this group that sour our inten. those within the taliban leadership structure who are not part of al qaeda or terrorist network or ideologically part of afghanistan's progress and rights and institution, democracy, the place of women in the afghan society, the progress that they have made, and are willing to march ahead with their -- the rest of their people and their country toward the benefit of afghanistan are welcome and the peace part is intended for concerting the afghan people, taking their advice on how and through which
12:27 pm
means and which speed should the afghan government proceed in the quest for peace. >> well, i think president karzai summed it up well. we've been very clear that we need ultimately a political component to our over-arching strategy in afghanistan. and as president karzai described, the taliban is a loose term for a wide range of different networks, groups, fighters with different motivations. what we have said is that so long as there's a respect for the afghan constitution, rule of law, human rights, so long as they are willing to renounce violence and ties to al qaeda and other extremist networks,
12:28 pm
that president karzai should be able to work to reintegrate those individuals into afghan society. this has to be an afghan-led effort, though. it's not one that's tick indicatdictat dictated by the united states or any other outside power. and thank the peace jurga will allow for a framework to then move forward. one of the things i emphasized to president karzai, however, is that the incentives for the taliban to lay down arms or at least portions of the taliban to lay down arms and make peace with the afghan government, in part, depends on our effectiveness in breaking their
12:29 pm
momentum militarily. and that's why we put in the additional u.s. troops. that's why general mcchrystal is working so hard to clear out key population centers from taliban control. and so the timing, how the reconciliation progress works, at what point do the taliban start making different calculations about what's in their interests and how the afghan people feel about these issues is in part going to be dependent on our success in terms of carrying out our mission there. so we are, i think, an important partner in facilitating this potential reconciliation and effectively empowering the afghan government so that it is in the strongest possible position as these talks move forward. let me just say in conclusion, again, mr. president, i'm
12:30 pm
grateful for your visit. this is a reaffirmation of the friendship between the the american people and the afghan people. when i came into office i made it very clear that after years of some drift in the relationship that i saw this as a critical priority. i also said to the american people that this was going to take some time and it was going to be hard, that we weren't going to see magical transformations immediately, but with slow, steady persistent work on the part of both the united states and the afghan government, that i was confident that, in fact, we could achieve peace and stability and security there. and that ultimately would make the american people more safe and more secure. i am more convinced than ever that we have found a difficult
12:31 pm
but appropriate strategy for pursuing those goals. and i'm confident that we're going to be able to achieve our mission. there are going to be setbacks. there are going to be times where the afghan government and the u.s. government disagree tactically but i think our overall approach is unified and i think that the visit by president karzai to the united states and his willingness to listen to our concerns even as we listen to his, as he indicated, only makes the relationsh relationship stronger. thank you very much, everybody. >> there you have it. president obama promising solidarity with the people of afghanistan, in spite of difficult days in the past and certainly more difficult days to come. and perhaps that is the important point to take from all of this. there are plenty of political and security issues remaining
12:32 pm
for these two leaders to work out, but president obama assuring the afghan people that the united states is with them. i want to get so something that we've just received into the "cnn newsroom." chad myers is here to help me understand what we're seeing here. we've gotten some pictures. a couple of pictures. >> hard to get pictures. >> difficult to get. >> hard to find. >> we've been talking about whether or not bp could have been a little more forth coming with some of the video that it has of this spill, right there at the wellhead on the floor in the gulf. but we've got a couple of stills. you can help us sort through it. >> we do. and i think now we know why they didn't want to show it. although it is dark, the bottom across the center of your screen back over towards the letter cnn, that's the pipe and then the black part that you see over there on the right, that's the oil spewing out. go to the other one and you can begin to see it a little bit better. the pipe there and the ashy smoke look and stuff. looks like it's smoke coming out. clearly we know it's not smoke. something we do know today that is brand new is that there's
12:33 pm
more natural gas coming out of the well today than there has been. that's good. >> yeah. >> because natural gas doesn't sit on top of the ocean and float float and kill things. sure, it gets into a atmosphere and it's not all that good but the atmosphere is big. if we can get more and more nat gas coming out of well and less and less oil coming out of the well, that would be a good thing for the clean-up. not as many thousands of gallons of oil. if half the space is taken up with nat gas and half the space oil, that just means that it's finding its equill him write up, the well done below, the hole where the oil is, it's not really a hole. it's in between the -- the layers and layers of rocks. and so now we're kind of into a gas pocket. hey, we can stay in a gas pocket for two years. >> that would be nice. what is the latest that you've heard on this plan to go with a smaller containment dome thing. >> we're trying to figure that out. >> i know.
12:34 pm
>> clearly -- >> we're with you on that. >> clearly the problem were the lie dr hydrates coming out of it and getting clogged in the big box. we don't know if this little box is going to have any better effect. get some kind of heater in that box to keep the oil warm and not get -- and not the hydrates not to form because they can format 60 degrees. it doesn't have to be freezing. at that pressure down there. and then i've been hearing people saying they're just going to load it up with concrete and try to -- >> trash it. >> you know? i don't believe this littler top hat will work as efficiently as the big box would have. but if we can get 60% off and lot lose 100%, only 40% that would be a big gain. you know, they're grasping at straws at this point. they've tried what they can try. i want you t. go on the internet, go on youtube and put on -- type in peat moss because if there's a company in quebec that is shredding peat moss.
12:35 pm
>> with this effort? >> well, they're working on it. >> okay. >> you take this shredded activated peat moss. you put it in the water. it doesn't absorb water. it only absorbs the oil. it sits there and floats, absorbs the oil and then skim it off. we're not going to spread this over the entire gulf of mexico but if you see it coming to dauphin island and they take their boats out there and shred this peat moss, scoop it up and it doesn't make it to the beach, you wing. >> that's a win. that's a clear win. appreciate it. we're going to get more answers from washington. from washington. brianna keilar is there. .
12:36 pm
12:37 pm
12:38 pm
all right. welcome back to the "cnn newsroom." i'm tony harris. from the finger pointing to actual answers, new information is coming out of a congressional investigation into the massive oil leak in the gulf of mexico. congressional correspondent brianna keilar following today's hearings on capitol hill. brianna, what are you hearing? what are you learning? >> there has been some finger pointing, tony, but really we've been seeing this house subcommittee conducting this third bp hearing, this third oil spill hearing in two days. they're really getting to the heart of that question, what happened, what caused this disaster in the gulf. so this house subcommittee has been conducting an investigation. members of this committee have gone down to the gulf. they've done a lot of interviews, collecting documents, collecting different accounts of the explosion and the events that precipitated this disaster. and here's what we learned today
12:39 pm
during this hearing. first off, that this well before the explosion may have failed two crucial pressure tests. the other thing, that the safety shutoff device, that blowout preventer, we've heard referred to as the bop here in the last couple of days, was not working properly before the explosion. listen to what congressman henry waxman who is the chairman of this full committee, said at the beginning of this hearing. >> transocean, one of the world's largest operator of drilling rigs, says it has no reason to believe that the rig's fail-safe device, called a blowout preventer, was not fully operational. but we have learned from cameron, the manufacturer of the blowout preventer, that the device had a leak in a crucial hydraulic system and a defectively configured ram. >> wow. >> reporter: a leak in the
12:40 pm
hydraulic system and obviously something that wasn't configured right, tony. we should tell you that these are obviously very much preliminary findings in this congressional investigation and even members of congress here admitting that they raised perhaps more questions than answers. but i think it sounds like we are getting perhaps towards some answers. >> i think you're right. brianna, you said the well may have failed two crucial -- i believe you said pressure tests. why is that so important? and take some time to walk us through this. >> reporter: they've been doing a lot of explaining in laymen's terms, nitty-gritty details. but the way it was explained by lawmakers and sort of getting some feedback there from these oil executives is what you do as you're testing a well, and this is something that was going on really in the hours before the explosion, you do what's called a positive pressure test, which is basically increasing the pressure within the well. you add fluids to it. it increases the pressure. you're testing therity of
12:41 pm
the well. so far it did pass those tests. then there's another one, negative pressure test. what you do is you decrease the pressure in the well and this would allow the ability to see if there are leaks in the well, leaks coming through the cement casings. and as it turns out, there were two of those tests that showed anomalie anomalies. they were asking, the lawmakers here were asking the head of bp, the head of transocean, what does that mean? and what the head of bp said was it tells you there's something going on in the well bore that shouldn't be going on. so the question here by folks like henry waxman is, okay, well, shouldn't that have raised the idea that maybe you should have stopped well operations? and ultimately at that point, despite those readings, they did not stop them. >> gotcha, okay. brianna keilar on capitol hill for us. thank you. a little extra value for you here. an environmental materials, tell you, 210 gallons of crude
12:42 pm
gushing into the gulf every day is an awful lot. but this terms of the the country's daily use of petroleum, it is barely a drop in the proverbial barrel. every single day america uses roughly 19.5 million barrels, or almost 819 million gallons of oil mostly for transportation according to the government's energy information administration. in comparison we're told the total amount leaked into the gulf since last month's rig explosion is 95,000 barrels, or 4 million gallons. a small fraction of a single day's consumption, still the environmental impact could be with us for many years. first, goldman sachs, now is the justice department looking at morgan stanley's role in the financial melt down of 2008? back in a moment.
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12:45 pm
first, it was goldman sachs, now morgan stanley reportedly under investigation for misleading investors.'s poppy harlow is in new york for us. poppy, it's good to see you. haven't seen you in a while. what's allegation here? >> sure. i meerngs it's one of the stories we're following very closely on cnn money as you see today. that's because we had a lot of questions. the "wall street journal" came out with a report early this morning saying that department of justice has started investigating morgan stanley about whether or not they misled their investors when it came to their bets in the housing market. if that sounds familiar to you it's because that is what the s.e.c. is investigating goldman sachs for. here's tissue, tony. i talked to sources with inside knowledge of this this morning. talked to a lot of them. all of them say they haven't
12:46 pm
heard morgan stanley even said this on the record, they haven't heard from the department of justice or the s.e.c. about any of these alleged investigations. they haven't conducted any interviews, haven't asked for documents. that is the big issue here, whether or not there is an investigation. morgan stanley did talk us to about the products in question. and these are again some of those mortgage-backed securities deals. bets that this bank made on the housing market. morgan stanley says they didn't know where the housing market was going. but they worked with two other banks. it gets a little confusing. cry group and ubs to structure these productses. they were about $200 million each. and morgan stanley bet on them, saying we think the housing market is going to fall. okay, tony? morgan stanley made about $400 million as a result. $400 million is a lot of money. let's put this in perspective. morgan stanley also about $10 billion in 2007 on their mortgage bets. just like goldman sachs you have another bank, one of goldman's main competitors, on both sides of the housing market, at the heart of the crisis, the
12:47 pm
question is, what are the more r al implications and did they disclose what i thae they needed to into clients. they said, listen, there's no reason to believe there's any substance to this "wall street journal" article. we're waiting to hear from the department of justice. and apparently, tony, so are they on this one. but something to keep a close eye on. important when you look at all the investigations. >> you're right about that. poppy, good to see you. thank you. we'll take a quick break.
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time now for a look at some of the stories heating up on the internet. there she is, ines ferre. what's hot? >> good to see you. from, the first 11 women to serve in u.s. navy submarines. >> the the ban lifted a couple of weeks ago, correct? >> that's right. some of the ladies are tray saying we don't want to be trail blazers. we just want to be like everybody else. the navy wants to put more women in the -- >> so 11, correct? >> 11. >> how many can we load in our new system, ten? >> ten of them right here.
12:51 pm
>> put all of the ladies' pictures on our blog page. >> great idea. all right. and then the next one is from facebook. first, it was snl. now betty white's fans want her to host the oscars and the emmys. so they've got her on snl. you know, it was a great show this past week. i don't know if you watched it. now they're saying, hey, she should be hosting the oscars. >> she's hotter than ever at 125 years old, right? >> look at this. >> sorry. >> 88 1/2. >> i'm sorry. >> all right. >> boy. >> almost 50,000 people. unbelievable. >> really? okay. sorry. we just don't have a lot of time. >> i know. >> the president and president karzai. we've got to go. david cameron brings great britain's conservatives out of the political wilderness after 13 years. there is tory at number ten there is tory at number ten downing street.
12:52 pm
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12:54 pm
boy, a story of disaster and survival unfolding in north africa today. libyan airliner crashed on approach to tripoli airport killing about 100 people. the wreckage is unrecognizable as a plane. you wonder how anyone could possibly survive.
12:55 pm
but this child managed to get out alive, is said to be an 8-year-old dutch boy. the airbus was arriving in tripoli from johannesburg. scheduled to fly on to london. a crash just short of the runway. one report says 61 dutch nationals are among the dead. a libyan government official describes the survivor's condition as relatively good. he is meed to recover. other reports say the boy has broken bones but none of this information is confirmed.
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
in great britain today there is a fresh young face at number ten downing street. max foster is outside the prime
12:58 pm
minister's residence in london. and we're not talking about max, we're talking about david cameron who max, i understand, got rate down to business today. >> reporter: he really did. he's been talking today about a new style of government, a new politics even. certainly is that. we haven't had a coalition government in this country since the second world war. now we have one. david cameron is the prime minister. he's appointed nick clegg as his deputy prime minister. they appeared in the garden behind me apparently the best of friends, laughing and joking. let's first hear from david cameron. >> it will be an administration you migunited behind three key principle, freedom, fairness and responsibility. and it will be an administration united by hind one key purpose. and that is to give our country a strong and stable and
12:59 pm
determined leadership that we need for the long term. >> we are different parties and we have different ideas. this is a government that will last despite those differences, because we are united by a common purpose for the job we want to do together in the next five years. >> and, tony, they are very different parties. it's going to be a tough challenge for both of those two to keep their parties together, party members together. they have massive spending cuts they've got to organize between them. more than $10 billion this year, tony, to deal with this massive sort of amount of debt that the government's got they've got to deal with it. >> that's got to be the top priority. thank you. let's take things to the next level. "cnn newsroom" continues right now with our chief business correspondent, the man, ali


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